Вращающаяся голова VEX — 600w led spot moving head with framing system в кейсе

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New powerful and compact LED framing moving head. The unit employs a 600 W pure white LED source (8000K 12,000 Lumens output @10M), coupled with a long excursion 7° — 42° motorized linear zoom with autofocus. The unit features a rotating framing system with 8 blades. The fixture not only has a uniform light spot, but also achieves output luminous flux up to 30,000 lm,with the ground-breaking virtual animation wheel,this new effect fully replaces the classic animation wheel,and lets you create a range of outstanding dynamic backgrounds.
Iris,Frost,Zoom, CMY , CTO to form a universal lighting tool for a wide wariety of applications .

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Beam 280 is a special and unique luminaire with original philips 250w bulb, HQ big lens and special optical system to create parallel light beams, visible even in the brightest scenes. Its small, lightweight, extremely silent and quick-moving body contains the most advanced technology for generating a bright beam that can be coloured and shaped at pleasure, for amazing dynamic mid-air effects. It is ideal for lighting designers and rental companies, since they can include a lot of lights in a project without increasing investments. They also benefit in terms of consumption and operating costs. OPTICS Source: 600W white LED CT:6200K/8000K Life: >20,000H CRI:≥74/≥90

POWER SUPPLY AC100-240V 50/60Hz Switch power supply Input power: 890w PF≧0.98

MOVEMENT Pan movement: 540°/630° optional (16 bit) Tilt movement: 270° (16 bit ) Advanced motion system: auto repositioning, fast, quiet and smooth


CMY infinite color mixing CTO linear 7 dichroic filters + open, bidirectional color rainbow can be created, even and smooth CMY+CTO color change system (GL6:2700k-8000k,GL6H:2700K-6500k))

GOBOS 1 Rotating gobo wheels: 6 interchangeable + open ,with shaking effect and gobo wheel can be positioned 1 fixed gobo wheel: 7 interchangeable+open,with gobo shaking effect FEATURES DMX channels:34/54 prism:1 bidirectional 5-facet rotating prism , prism can be positioned Focus 5-100% electronic Iris Shutter: electronic, variable from 1-25Hz or random Dimming: 0-100% linear dimming Frost: light frost, heavy frost Zoom: 7°- 42°linear zoom Patented framing system: 1 set of all directional framing systemwith 8 framing blade precise position can be cutting 90° rotation,full field travelwith the ability to create differentshapes. Animation wheel: special dynamic flame or water effect DISPLAY Battery operated for fast addressing 15 second standby auto lock Pan/ Tilt disengage (hold MENU and ENTER button) SOFTWARE Upgrades: fast and convenient using uploader over DMX Remote reset DMX address, fixture reset, sound control by DMX Run time of LED engine and fixture

OTHER SPEC Input signal isolation Optional installed wireless receiver Optional ArtNET control RDM compatible intelligent fan noise control,intelligent energy-saving


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