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  • VEX - LE16 микшерный пульт

    VEX — LE16/DSP микшерный пульт

    19000 руб.

    Analog mixer, high-quality ultra-low noise line Z road design, large dynamic headroom
    * 4 innovative XENYX microphone preamplifiers, comparable to stand alone advanced preamplifiers
    * Neoclassical British 3-band equalizer makes the sound warmer and more musical
    * 2 sub-transmissions per channel: 1 front fader for monitoring, post-fader
    * All channels are equipped with peak LED, mute/alt 3-4 function
    *2 Grouping with independent output for improved grouping flexibility
    * 2 multi-function stereo auxiliary loopback interfaces provide great flexibility
    *Main mix with balanced 6.3mm jack and gold-plated cassette jack, separate control room, headphones and stereo tape output
    * Tape input to main mix or control room/headphone output
    * Durable 60mm Streamlined Putter and Seal Control Knobs
    * Flexible, noiseless, instant response, low power consumption
    * With the supply of rack mounts, very flexible
    * High quality components and extremely strong structure make the product durable