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  • CML210_front

    Активный элемент линейного массива CML-210ACT

    Цена по запросу

    All Birch Plywood Cabinet and Tough Texture Coating
    Fiberglass Horn
    High-intensity Aluminium suspension parts
    Extraordinary fidelity and transient response.
    Wide and even horizontal coverage
    High qulity and high power Amplifier with Class D
    High performance processor that adopts DSP technology
    24 Bit DSP
    Frequency: 20Hz-20K Hz,distortion-free and good dynamic
    Controllable input and have its own frequency limiter.
    Controllable increase and phase, and available parameter lock
    Face to face monitoring through Rs232 connector, including PC software
    31(ISO)frequency in each EQ,-12dB to +12dB
    0.5 to 10 in each group of Q value, HI_self, or Lo_self function
    Independent limiter: flexible time and level in Attack, Hold, Delay
    Butterworth, Linkwitz riley, and Bessel frequency curve in 6dB, 12dB, 18dB,24dB, 48dB in each top and bottom passing channel